I am procrastinating.

I have still not finished packing my supply boxes for Art & Soul East, which have to be off in the mail on Monday (due to some logistics involving my day job interfering with art).  Because it is literally impossible for me to condense my studio into one small box, I am doing other things — important things, but procrastination never this less.

This is how my scatter of potential "things to take along" looks right now.


About the only thing I have done is to bag up pieces of fabric with coordinating trims for use in my Leslie Riley Fabric Book class.


I have, however, dyed yarn.  Pretty, pretty yarn.  One of my friends emailed me the other day and addressed me as "Miss Pretty Yarn."  It cracked me up at the time, but really, it may be one of the biggest compliments I have ever received!

Here are two of the new colorways I’ve been playing with.  They aren’t reskeined yet, so you don’t get a view of all the colors mixed up — they’re still in place as dyed, but it gives you an idea.  This first one is called River.


And, this one is called Flying Tiger.


In knitting news, well, I have something of an embarrassment on my hands.  I started my Purple Rain socks.  I’m using a pattern from the new Interweave book — I’ll have to tell you the name later, as the book is in my office.  I had this bright idea.  On Friday, I had a chance to see Bill Clinton, way up close, before he made a speech in Birmingham.  I knew it would involve lots of waiting, so I decided to start this sock.  Mistake .  I got through the cuff which was easy enough and started onto the charted pattern.  On the last needle in the first row, someone announced that the plane was landing and it was time to move.  Um, move? With four sock needles dangling from my had mid-stitch?  The only possible result is the several goofed up stitches (never try moving somewhere between the sl 1 kwise, k2tog, psso and the (k1 p1 k1) all in the same st) I need to try and untangle — I’m afraid this one may be beyond me.


I’m also nervous that the pattern may not be what this varigated yarn needed.  Oh, the agonies of knitting socks.  Hopefully, it will have given way to the ecstacy  by my next post!

4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. The colors look great. The socks will turn out. You’ll be packed in time to send your materials and, in an emergency, you can always borrow stuff.

  2. Joyce-They are both just beautiful! I really really like the flying tiger…
    I haven’t cast on my Purple rain socks yet, but I think I am going to use one of the “fancy rib” patterns from the sensational socks books, I just can’t decide which one to use. I will post pics on my neglected blog when I start.

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