Hold The Presses! It’s Here!

It’s here!  Stop the presses, it’s here!

In the mail, waiting for me today, was the new book, Charmed Knits, Projects for Fans of Harry Potter.


I’m afraid it’s apology time to all of my works in progress.  My lovely Ophelia tank, knitted from Colinette Giotto.  I’m stunned by both how long it takes to knit in moss stitch with ribbon yarn and how beautiful the result is.


Ellie’s Cahaba River jacket — I’ve picked it back up in the last week and made several inches of progress.


And my undulating wave socks.


I’m apologizing to them all.  I’m in love with Harry Potter Knits.  I can’t decide what to make first.  I love Ron’s Animal Crackers Hat (p. 144) and am tempted to start there.  But, the School Sweater (p. 89) is subtle and charming.  The Quidditch Socks (p. 62) are a temptation.  And I want the Invisibility Shawl (p. 48) for myself.  Ellie and Ollie have both put in requests for basic Weasley Sweaters (p. 2)

There is going to be some glorious summer knitting in anticipation of fall in my house.  Admittedly, we are among the lunatic fringe faithful — the people who let their kids skip school to see the opening day of the new HP movie or let them stay up until midnight to nab the book at a local store at the first possible minute.  My birthday plan for this year calls for us all to go out at midnight to pick up multiple copies of the book and spend my entire birthday reading it.  I hope we’ll all be wearing HP sweaters, or at least scarves, by then.  I’m off to devour all the details in the book!

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