More About MooTah, Wednesday Stamper, and TV Debut News

Tonight I’m going to answer the emails I got about yesterday’s MooTah post.  But first, I’m going to show you my piece for this week’s theme at Wednesday Stamper, which is doors.


It is a fabric and paper collage, using some of my hand-dyed fabric and ribbon, and some of my favorite images from Paper Whimsy, including the mysterious doorway.  The stamp I used down at the bottom is part of a lot of vintage typeset I found at a little store in my neighborhood.  Included with the alphabet stamps were five or six plates that look sort of like company logos that might have been used for letterhead or advertising.  The part that reads "Star" is part of a stamp for Star Company. 

Ok, on to MooTah.  In answer to several questions (I was very complimented that y’all liked him enough to ask!):

(1) MooTah is made mostly from vintage Asian Fabrics that my friend Kara sent to me, although his arms are homespun fabric.  His back is made from a fabric that says "Handwoven Silk, Made in Thailand" on the selvedge.  It is the same fabric I used underneath the button eyes.


(2) MooTah’s eyes are made by sewing on little circles cut out of the Thai Silk, which wanted to immediately fray around the edges and resulted in that sort of cool, uneven look.  I used a gold metallic thread and stitched not too careful circles around the eyes.  Finally, the buttons themselves are some kind of old bone buttons I got as part of a vintage lot.  I’ve never seen buttons with big holes like that before and I really like them.


(3)  This is MooTah with his namesake, Squirt-MooTah


(4) Squirt is not interested in MooTah but Harry is very enamored with him.


MooTah continues to be a big hit around our house.  I’m going to have to pull out the rest of the fabric Kara sent and see what I can put together for Ellie, who is insisting she wants a MooTah too.

I have one last bit of news.  I heard from the producers of That’s Clever, that the segments I filmed for them will appear in episode HCLVR-415, which will air sometime in February or March.  As much as I am really eager to see myself on TV, I’m not entirely sorry it is so far off, as I’m a little bit nervous about how goofy I’m going to look jumping around on the kids’ trampoline.  You can use the episode number to look on the HGTV website as it gets closer to the air time to see the specific dates the episode is set for.  My two segments are on fabric portrait collage and ATCs.

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26 thoughts on “More About MooTah, Wednesday Stamper, and TV Debut News

  1. How lovely! Your hand-dyed fabric is beautiful and I love all the elements you have here. The velvet button & rusted key are wonderful touchs! ~~How exciting to get to be on ‘Thats Clever’…good for you!

  2. I am loving the MooTah… I think it means “children who have cool handmade toys” in a language that escapes me at the moment….

  3. Joyce, I think you should make a herd of MooTahs. As time gets closer, I sure hope you post a reminder about That’s Clever.

  4. Joyce, I think you should make a herd of MooTahs. As time gets closer, I sure hope you post a reminder about That’s Clever.

  5. What a wonderful post! TRAMPOLINING!!! You sneaked that in nicely at the end there lol…congratulations TV star!! And awwwwww MooTah is gorrrrrrgeous. Love him!!!!!!
    Your WS is also fabulous…I love the combination of all the collage materials, Joyce. A very dreamy piece.

  6. What a wonderful door card, love how you stitched several item to it. Wonderful work! Your little Mootah is fun too, very creative thinking 🙂

  7. Hi Joyce..thank you for the best comment of all about my collage, that it was one of your favorites of the week. I do that too. Sometimes I even jot down which ones are my favorites so I can go back for another look..=). Did you want to email me?…knittermag@ya…I’d like to try making a collage that includes stitching & fabric…I’ve never tried doing that and yours is beautiful!

  8. You know how I love doors. This is a beautiful collage Joyce. I love mixing fabric and paper. Your embellishments are the perfect touch.

  9. I love your fabric! WOW! I used to do applique quilting and look for wonderful fabric like this to make the flowers and birds look wonderful. I like how you have combined elements to make something so lovely.

  10. Joyce…your WS door creation is simply divine…i love it but then i love everything you create. Those MooTahs are so cool looking and so darn adorable. I am soooo excited for you on appearing on the ‘That’s Clever’ show. I can’t wait to see you and learn from you. I will definitely be recording the show :o)

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