Tag, You’re It.

Miz Carla tagged me with the meme that’s going around.  I have to list seven random facts about myself and then tag seven other bloggers.  Here goes:

1. I was born in St. George, Utah.

2. I wear glasses.

3.  I cannot draw ANYTHING.  I suck at drawing.

4.  My first cat’s name was Licorice.  Currently, we have five cats.

5.  My grandfather is still my hero and role model.

6. I will have been married for 19 years this October.

7.  Of my college friends, I was the one everyone thought was least likely to grow up and get married.

Ok, the challenge here is going to be finding seven people who haven’t been tagged yet.  Here goes:  Lou, Audrey, DJ, Maija, Selena, Susie, and Joanne.

I also have a little bit of show and tell for you.  I’m been knitting a big "market bag" — I wanted something that Ellie and I could carry to our farmers’ market outings this summer.  I’ve been loosely basing it on the pattern in Alterknits, although obviously the colors and patterning are different and I’ve rolled the top of my bag and given it a broader brim that the body of the bag.  I felted it up last night and think it is going to be awesome when it is finished.  Now to add the handles (the book used plastic tubing with words stamped on it and I’m going to try something similar) and see if it holds up.  Here it is drying under the watchful eye of Mr. Squirt.


4 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It.

  1. Oh, I LOVE the market bag! How fun and I can’t wait to see how you do the handles – I can’t get a picture of them in my mind, so I’ll wait for you to show us.

  2. cool market bag…and a great idea (our Farmer’s Market just opened and I got great asparagus on Saturday).

  3. Joyce, What a terrific market bag! Please show us again when you get it finished.

  4. Yep, i have been tagged also but it has been fun to read little facts about everyone. As for drawing…i can barely draw a stick figure, lol. That market bag looks awesome and that brim really grabs me….love it :o)

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