The Altered Workshop Round Robin

My art journal has come home from over a year away.  It traipsed all around the country, back and forth, on it’s travels through the studios of my best art friends.  It was a simple concept — I made a big piece of felt and sort of wrapped it around lots of loose pages made of different papers and fabrics.  The exterior was a plain brown, but when you opened it up, the interior of the felt had been patterned with jewel toned mohair fibers and I sewed little Swarowski crystals and tiny bells inside of it.  The idea was that the simple exterior would open up to reveal a cacophony of art and sound and texture and color.

The journal succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.


See?  It’s sort of plain and simple.  When I opened it, I saw this.


It was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one when I began looking through all the art my friends had made for me!  It’s beyond perfection.

First, there was this piece, from Karen O.


Then, pieces from DJ


the sadly blogless Kara


and Lou


Judy felted fantasy fish for me.


Joanne quilted



Chris gave me words


And Andi offered inspiration.


Vicki made this incredibly beautiful piece.


Catherine made this fabulous clipboard called Play Day


Shirley made two very beautiful pieces.



and Caroline painted.



And this is my original piece, that I started the round robin out with.


It was a wonderful round robin.  I’m sorry it’s over, I’m happy to have so much beautiful art to look at over and over again and to touch and think about.  I can’t wait for the next round robin to start!

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7 thoughts on “The Altered Workshop Round Robin

  1. 0.0 you’re so lucky! The art is beautiful 🙂 i especially like the words and the clipboard and the piece from Karen Q! Very inspiring…hopefully I’ll have talented friends all over the country one day ;D

  2. Joyce, how cool to see it all finished with everyone’s work in it. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Joyce…….i am totally blown away. Every page is gorgeous and i see what you mean by all the beauty once it is opened. Everyone did such gorgeous pieces. What a fabulous treasure and keepsake.

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