Ollie’s First T-Ball Game

Sometimes, you forget the little things.  I hope I won’t ever forget Ollie’s first t-ball game Tuesday night.  I hope I won’t forget the way it looked more like a football scrimmage than baseball  As soon as anyone hit a ball, every kid on the field ran after it and they ended up in a tangle on the ground.  They took it all very seriously, like only four year olds can.

Here is my favorite thing


It is true in every picture I took.  Ollie didn’t walk like a lot of the other kids did.  And he didn’t always run fast.  But he is in the air in every picture I have of him running bases.  I’m not sure if he was jumping, or if he was flying.  I have no idea how my baby got to be so big.

5 thoughts on “Ollie’s First T-Ball Game

  1. what a fabulous picture! ollie looks like he’s having so much fun! it would be just like him to fly at a tball game. y’all have a great weekend!

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