T-Ball & Yarn Dyeing

T-Ball, the newly discovered pleasure of my four year old, has been cutting into my yarn dyeing time, so I’m going to remedy that this morning by showing you pictures of a few of the new yarn colorways I’ve been dreaming of and dyeing.  Two in particular are making me happy.

First is an Alpaca Merino blend, that, quite frankly, would be yummy if you randomly covered it in mud and rinsed it off.  It is soft and sedutive and has a pretty halo without being hairy. I like it especially in this colorway called "Fluffy" that is destined to be a vest come fall for my favorite little T-Ball player.


This second yarn is something I’ve been doing try-outs for, for quite a while.  I wanted a nice worsted weight superwash merino that could be used for slightly heavier socks that could be (gently) machine washed.  After several false starts, I finally found the right yarn.  It’s soft and nicely spun, and it’s American-milled.  I like how it takes up the color, and although I intended to start with socks, this first batch I’ve dyed up it going to be a sweater for a friend’s new baby.  Having been reassured by the wise women at the Wooly Wonder Forums that I can knit a diaper cover out of superwash wool (I’m told it will need to be lanolized a bit more frequently but will have the benefit of being machine washable and not felting), I think I’ll add in a nice summer diaper cover for the baby as well.


The good news is that there is a T-Ball game tonight!  Ollie can engage his new passion.  The Judge can get out his glove and remember his glory days in law school as Mr. October.  Personally, I’m going to be content to sit in my prissy pink field chair and do a little knitting while I cheer the team on.

4 thoughts on “T-Ball & Yarn Dyeing

  1. I’ve been thinking of making a cover out of superwash for ages. I just haven’t tackled it because it seems to me it would be one of those never-ending projects- like toddler longies. I can’t wait to see!

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