The Best Swap Buddy

I was one of the last people to sign up for the Harry Potter Swap (SP) at  And I am SO glad that I made the deadline!  It has been more fun starting to put things together for my swap buddy, with who I have a lot in common.

Yesterday, an owl arrived for… me.  It contained this absolutely incredible miniature Weasley Sweater.


"I think a house elf made it," opined my four year old.

It is adorable and I am amazed by the talent of the lovely Crookshanks, my swap pal.  Isn’t she incredibly clever?  She has been dropping hints to her identity by leaving me chapters in the books to reread, but so far, I haven’t figure out who she is.

Since we’re on a red and gold theme here, I’m going to share these beautiful little tomatoes that came home with me from the Farmers’ Market yesterday.



Our Saturday morning trips to the Farmers’ Market never fail to provide a burst of color and inspiration for the rest of the weekend.  We buy bath fizzies and pottery in addition to organic produce.  A new booth  offers homemade caramels.  Our ritual is to stop there before we leave, with baskets full of peaches and herbs, flowers and vegetables, and indulge in a mouthful of divine caramel, covered in dark chocolate.  If only every day could be Saturday!

3 thoughts on “The Best Swap Buddy

  1. Joyce, what a fun idea for a swap! Be sure to post what you’re sending out. Your farmer’s market sounds delightful.

  2. Hey, that’s my handwriting! I’m glad you like the sweater, it really was a lot of fun to knit. And another hint: it might not be necessary to reread the whole of each chapter 😉

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