Wanna See My Mail?

It was a pretty amazing mail day here.  I thought I would share.

First up, a package from DJ Pettit.  DJ, I love you!

DJ took a picture of my daughter, played with it in Photoshop, and used it as the main image in the most amazing purse I’ve ever seen.  It’s actually a piece of art I’m going to carry on my shoulder. 


The picture doesn’t even begin to do justice to all the amazing detail work in this piece.  It’s so pretty!  You just have to run your fingers over it to appreciate the quilting and the little piece that give the design so much depth and subtlety in person.

Here’s the back.


I feel so lucky to have it!  And if that wasn’t enough, I got a package from Shanna in Japan.

Shanna sent…..FABRIC!


It’s fabulous!  I was so excited to pull it all out and look at it!  And the twill tape with hedgehogs she sent along with it is  too much fun.

Here it is all spread out.


I’m hoarding Echino fabric so that I can do a Japan-inspired fabric collage book.  But I think the sunflowers and ladybugs are going to have to be a cute jumper for Ellie.  Ewwww!  I may actually have to sew some clothes instead of doing fabric collage.  I’m not sure I can dust off those unused skills from my childhood, but this is the kind of fabric that makes you think about calling in sick to work for the week and getting on with it!

Thanks Shanna and DJ!  It was a truly wonderful mail day!

6 thoughts on “Wanna See My Mail?

  1. So glad you like your tote Joyce! But then again… how could I go wrong with the beautiful model that I had? 🙂 Ellie is so adorable, and her image that I sketched was such great inspiration. Enjoy wearing it!
    Your fabric from Japan is to die for…. what a great book that will be.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the bag. DJ does do wonderful work. I bet you love carrying it. What fun fabric. I can’t wait to see what you do with it all. You did have a great mail day.

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