Oh Ravelry, Where Art Thou?

I am waiting patiently to receive my invitation to Ravelry.  I have been waiting patiently for what seems like forever now.

Recently, I tried bribing Jess into letting me jump in line.  I offered her hand-dyed yarn.  She graciously declined my offer, leading me to believe that she has both integrity and a sense of humor.

She also explained:

We are just as eager to get everyone in!  Looks like you have about
2700 people ahead of you- which sounds worse than it is.  We have
about 4000 people in the site and over 10,000 on the waiting list and
are inviting about 150 per day.  We’ll be upping that rate throughout


Such a long time to wait!

I did follow her advice and start uploading photos into Flickr.  So far, I’ve loaded most of my stash and some of my works in progress and finished items.  My Flickr ID is rorysgirl1 in case anyone wants to check the pictures out.

For today, I’m going to leave you with this thought — Blue Faced Leicester and Alpaca blended together in a lightweight yarn suitable for either lace (think shawls) or socks.  It’s soft and cuddly like Alpaca and has the incredible silky shimmer that BFL always has.  I’m in love!  If this yarn was a man, you would marry it!

Here are a couple of my first colorways in this yarn.  They will both be available, in very limited quantities, at my new Elliebelly at Hyena Cart shop on Thursday at noon.  I adore this yarn, and it’s going to be a mainstay around here, if I can just keep myself from hoarding it all for me!

This is Lullaby.


And this is Sacajawea, with a swatch below.



6 thoughts on “Oh Ravelry, Where Art Thou?

  1. You are killin me with the BFL. I am working on 2nd monkey sock with the purple rain! I will take pics soon, they are gorgeous, probably the prettiest socks I’ve made!

  2. Does this mean you are susceptible to bribes? What do I have to do to get a skein of the lullaby set aside? I have some gossip I can offer……..
    And is that noon central or eastern time?
    BTW — MDF was quite a tease yesterday — the bag with your velvet lining was a preview for NEXT week? So not fair!

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