Pock-et-ful Art

My scanner is badly in need of a replacement, so I haven’t shown a lot of art lately, but I enjoyed working in Robin’s posie themed book so much that I decided to share anyhow.  I got pretty involved in doing layers for the background of this piece.  I also had fun plucking and drying some of the flowers from my drought-ridden garden, and used one bloom behind the sweet little girl’s head.


Here she is, slipped inside of her little pocket.


Robin’s book is absolutely wonderful!  I enjoyed working in it so much, that I’m sorry to send it on, but off it will go to Karen first thing Monday morning, so that I can get to work in the next book.

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6 thoughts on “Pock-et-ful Art

  1. Oh, this is so wonderful and it’s in my book! The bad part is I have to wait many months to see it IRL. Oh well, it will be worth it. I just love what you did.

  2. This is beautiful Joyce- so ethereal! Love all the layers- I think that’s what adds richness to a piece.
    This RR is going to create some awesome work, I think.
    Hugs~ Lou

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