Successes Midway Through The Ten Week Plan

I’m in the middle of week five of the ten week plan.  The ten week plan involved my realization that the Colinette Ophelia Tank I was knitting from Giotto in the Paintbox colorway wasn’t going to fit me.  It wasn’t even going to be close.  Somehow, in under six months I had managed to gain a whole bunch of weight, about 25 pounds, which is a whole bunch when you’re only 5′ 1".

My plan was to finish the tank in ten weeks and lose enough weight to fit into it by the time it was done.

So, here’s the tank.


I’ve got about 10" done and I need to get to around 11" and then do the shaping at the top.  Although I’m a bit ahead of schedule, I think finishing it will take me a bit of extra time, so I’m pretty much on target.

And the weight loss?  Thanks to the miracle of low carb dieting, which lets me eat lots of cheese and fruit and drink an occasional glass of wine, I’m down about 12 pounds.  I’m excited about all the money I won’t have to spend on new suits and that I can now devote to crack new yarn.  Eight or ten more pounds in the next 5 weeks and I’ll hopefully both fit into the finished tank and feel a whole bunch better.  It’s amazing what knitting can do for you.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means I’ll have some new yarn stocking at Elliebelly.   Please drop by and take a look!  There is Treasure on Blue Faced Leicester,


Moonflower on Blue Faced Leicester,




and lots more, including sock yarn on BFL Ultra in the Expelliarmus colorway.


Drop by Thursday at noon (central) when all the yarn will be available for you to purchase.  I’m hoping I have enough in stock this week that it won’t all sell out in the first few minutes and you’ll be able to look around and buy yarn for the next few days.  Make sure you sign up for the free lavender sachet lottery while you’re there too!

One thought on “Successes Midway Through The Ten Week Plan

  1. Congrats you your success in the midst of your 10 week plan! You’ll have to post a photo of you wearing the top.

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