Blogging Takeover

This blog is being temporarily hijacked by the deranged blogger, who wishes to be known as Hermione Knits.


Our "guest blogger" was unable to resist the allure of freshly laid out knitting, accompanied by Lantern Moon needles.  She found herself uncontrollably drawn to pick up the needles and knit with them.


She made good progress, too!  What you are seeing is the final stages of my 10 week plan.  For those of you who missed my earlier posts, I have been on a ten week plan, using knitting to get down to a healthy weight.  Veteran knitters will not be surprised to learn that it has worked.  The plan was, finish the Ophelia Tank, made from Colinette’s Giotto ribbon yarn.  Ophelia had been relegated to the "fed up with it pile" for quite some time.  All that moss stitch in ribbon yarn that liked to split and was generally not all that much fun to knit with due to the constant switch from knit to purl had disenchanted me with the project.  And, in the meantime, I had managed to gain so much weight that Ophelia wasn’t going to fit, even if I finished her.

Enter the ten week plan — two inches and two pounds per week.  My goal was to finish Ophelia just about the time I could fit back into her.  I’m at just about nine and one-half weeks.  The front and back of Ophelia are done and I’m down 19 pounds.  We always knew knitting was a powerful force in the universe, right?


If I can pry the front and back out of Hermione’s paws, I need to put them together and knit the straps and ribbing.  It’s a very clever construction, which involves picking up the front armhole stitches, casting on stitches for the strap, and then picking up down the back of the armhole.  The armhole edging/straps are knit for each side in this manner and then all I will have left to do is sew up the side seams.

I’m looking forward to it — with a little bit of luck I’ll be able to just squeeze into it.  If it’s still a little bit too tight, I’m sure I can convince Hermione to knit me an extra panel, or something.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Takeover

  1. love the photo of Hermione with knitting needles. Congratulations on the knitting diet weight loss! Be sure to post a photo of you in the top.

  2. Oh so fun!!! love the new knitter in the family!! what a pro already!! and can’t wait to see the finished project it is lovely and I know will look great on you and so now for me to try the 10 week weight loss plan want to loose at least 10 pounds so maybe I can do it!! but does that mean have to make a top like this???? yikes not so sure could do it!! but will try the weight loss for sure!!!!hugs Linda

  3. Hermione is such a beautiful cat and what a knitter! I can’t my Annabelle to knit — just to sit in my lap while I’m knitting.
    Karen (the top is beautiful, by the way, and congrats on 19 pounds! I hate you — just kidding!)

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