The Start of School (and other oddities)

My two youngest children started school this week.


They are so very sweet!  For our youngest, it was the start of kindergarten, so the Judge and I walked over to pick him up and have lunch after the first day of school.  He was exhausted and in my arms.  We said good-bye to his teacher, she said he had a great day, and as we walked off, he suddenly picked up his head and exclaimed "I REALLY LIKE HER!"  Usually, it doesn’t get much better than that.

But, it did, this morning.  He came downstairs at 6:30, dressed in his bathing suit, with a knitted wool vest over a tee-shirt and his backpack on his back, proudly proclaiming he was ready for school (on a Saturday morning).  We are profoundly lucky to have such a wonderful little guy in our life, even if he stumps us with questions like "Do Zombies know that God is up there?" (he pointed) and "Is Dick Cheney really a zombie?"

We’re pretty sweet on our other children too.  The Judge split open a coconut this morning, while I cleaned up an incredible yardsale find — a bookcase for Miss Ellie’s room — and we enjoyed watching their reactions and their efforts to pry the meat out of the inside of the nut.


It is definitely the dog days of summer here in Alabama, and after close to two weeks of over 100` I feel like I’m the dog part.  We’re off this afternoon to buy ballet shoes and leotards (Nutcracker auditions are looming, which makes me incredibly happy, among other reasons, because Nutcracker rehearsals mean lots of knitting time for Mommy) and then I’m going to make lots of lemonade and spend the rest of the day sucking it down.

There is no art news today because my new scanner, after three weeks, still doesn’t work and I can’t scan a blessed thing.  And, I’m not a good enough photographer to take pictures of it.  But, a friend mentioned I have some Halloween ATCs in the newest edition of Somerset Studio, which I haven’t seen, so I hope if you get Somerset, you’ll take a look in the Expressions section and see some of my work there.  I hope I can get the whole scanner debacle resolved by next weekend and be able to scan art again!

6 thoughts on “The Start of School (and other oddities)

  1. Oh Joyce, that cracks me up. My granddaughter starts kindergarten soon and can’t wait to see (hear) what she comes up with. Your children are beautiful! Hope to see you in Virginia at AnS next year. Still waiting for samples of your polaroid transfers, hint, hint. Terry

  2. The photos of your beautiful children are delightful. When do you go to Connecticut for the start of school there? Hope the lemonade was as refreshing as it sounds.

  3.…. that is too funny. Especially the Dick Cheney comment.
    Hoping for cooler weater along with you!

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