Thursday Yarn At Elliebelly

I’m surfacing (briefly, but I’m surfacing) from Ravelry (and one of THOSE weeks at work) to show you pictures of yarn.  This is yarn you can buy at Elliebelly this week.

I promise that this absolutely my last post rhapsodizing about Nirvana Ravelry, but the coolest thing is how you can have great yarn, yarn you adore, yarn you do not know what to do with.  And, you can go to Ravelry, and twenty minutes later (ok, four hours, 15 minutes and 26 seconds later), you are all full of new ideas about what to knit with your yarn.  You’ve got links to patterns, comments on modifications, and you’ve made three new friends, one of whom lives two streets away from you and invites you over to her knit night the next week.  It is a cool place.

Elliebelly Yarn.  I think the first thing you might want to look at this week is the new sock yarn.  It’s a bamboo/merino/nylon blend with the beautiful shine of silk and the sproginess of merino ( you know what I mean by spronginess — it holds its shape and has some stretch to it.)  This yarn takes up color in a really beautiful way.  There are two colorways this week, Arianne and Cleo.



There is also a range of Blue Faced Leicester this week, some in an aran weight and some in bulky (the BFL bulky is not a true bulky, however.  It is heavier than the aran but more around 3 stitches to the inch than a true, 2 stitch/inch bulky weight).  I have added the option to puchase one-color coordinating skeins of two or four ounces this week.  You can purchase solid yarn for a sweater or vest and trim it in the multicolor if you like!


There is also some Cashmere, in the Treasure colorway.


There is lots more including a silk cashmere blend and some Peace Fleece.  Please drop by and  check it out!

One thought on “Thursday Yarn At Elliebelly

  1. Hi,
    Can you put the yardage in with your colorways since that’s how I usually plan my projects?
    I’ll be back– your yarns are gorgeous

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