Lazy Weekend

It’s what passes for a lazy weekend in our house.  We’ve been playing all weekend long.

I always play with yarn, but have been playing with it in somewhat different ways this weekend and doing things like this, which probably appeal to no one but me.  But I’ve been amusing myself greatly with strange photography.


Ollie wanted to paint, which suited me just fine because I had some pages to work on.


He’s the only four year old I know who prefers Golden’s to store brand paint and likes to use pure pigment to watercolor with.  Clearly, I’ve created a monster.

While he painted away, I worked on my pages for the Serenbe retreat with Catherine Moore that Shirley has put together for next weekend.  I can’t wait !  I showed you the background paper I painted for my pages earlier last week, and here are the backs in progress.


We’re also still bathing in the warm afterglow of two birthdays.  Proof that you can rock a teenagers world was the grin on our 17 year old’s face when we tossed him the keys to his first car.  It’s a 1999 Jeep Cherokee, with 92,000 miles on it.  The money he’s been saving towards a downpayment will have to go towards new tires.  You would think we had given him the moon!

I survived Miss Ellie’s nine-year old sleepover party.  Her friends are all angels and we had lots of fun together.  The highlight for me was serving them tea, using my china and linens.  The girls rose to the occasion.  Everyone drank tea, tried the cucumber sandwiches, and then switched over to pretzels and chicken salad on croissants.


It seems to be very nice, being nine.  Especially when you have new socks to look forward to!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend

  1. The sock looks cool (reminds me of the gloves without fingers – a new fashion trend, toeless socks). The photo looks intriguing. The pages are going to be wonderful and I’m looking forward to seeing them in real life.

  2. Ollie looks like he’s having fun. Glad you survived the sleep over. Are you a nervous wreck everytime your son goes out in his car?Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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