Dear Ellie

Dear Ellie:

I’m really sorry about the socks.  Despite my best efforts, my gauge was off.

I’m feel terrible that they are way too big for you.  I used the child-sized pattern and everything seemed like it was going along perfectly.  And I know that this was some of your favorite yarn ever — unfortunately it was a one of a kind skein I dyed without making notes.

The socks were very fun to knit and I feel so bad, my darling daughter, that you won’t be wearing them.  I am, however, going to enjoy wearing them myself.  Gauge can be a bad thing that way.  I hope you will learn from my bad ways and not repeat my mistakes when you are a grown knitter.




11 thoughts on “Dear Ellie

  1. I love the color of the socks. Too bad Ellie cant wear them. Maybe you could save them for her wedding 😉

  2. Joyce, the noble thing is for you to wear the socks so that Ellie will have the pleasure of seeing them. Very cool yarn.

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