Nutmeg Vacation

I’ve had a wonderful time in Connecticut (nickname: the Nutmeg state, for those of you who play trivia).  The weather is beautiful, at least by Alabama standards.  My child seems pretty much the same as when I last saw him and really likes school.  The only difference between this picture and how he looked before school,


is that he now has an iMAC implant, instead of his old pc.  It’s hard being 15.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was a cruise up the Connecticut River that the school arranged so the parents would have a chance to meet.  The trip was beautiful, the parents were all interesting and nice, and it was lots of fun.


Teddy was nice enough to point out an old cemetery near his school to me, and we stopped in search of stone angels that I could photograph for Karen O.  No stone angels, but it was a beautiful, historic churchyard, with the leaves just getting ready to turn.


Although there were a lot of beautiful, elaborate tombstones, I was intrigued by this small, simple one, that was part of a row of similar small, apparently unrelated stones.


We spent a really nice evening in a B&B near the school, sitting outside playing gameboy (him) and knitting (predictably me) in the cool, pleasant weather.  I’ve managed to knit up about halfway to where I will start the decreases on the Noni Adventure Bag.  It turned out to be perfect knitting for meetings — just miles of stockinette that could be knit while talking and learning.


I’ve also finished the back on the Rowan Anise sweater.  Here it is, just before I got to the shoulder and neck shaping.


It’s gorgeous, and I adore it.  I’m nervous about the size though.  It looks a little bit small although my gauge is good.  I think I’m going to have to start praying for a blocking miracle.

Tomorrow we fly home, and I can’t get wait to get back to the rest of my family.  It has been a fun trip.  I’m very reassured about Teddy’s schooling (for those of you who remember our struggles from last year for finding a good high school setting for a child with nonverbal learning disorder and the DiGeorge Anomaly) and the choice we made to let him go to boarding school, but now, I’m ready for home.

4 thoughts on “Nutmeg Vacation

  1. How wonderful that Teddy is happy at the school. And I’m always happy to see a Mac convert. Remind me to tell you how Connecticut became the “nutmeg state.”

  2. I am glad Teddy has settled in and enjoying school.
    Ya chose a great weekend to visit from AL, lol. Normally I am apple picking in a flannel shirt and wearing socks. I can’t believe I was in the middle of the orchard on Sat. in a tank top and birkies. Craziness.
    Indigo in CT

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