It was mostly meant to be a day doing things like this in my house, a lovely, sleepy, federal holiday of a Monday:


Some people, perhaps inspired by catnip treats, had different ideas however (please note that the male is sleeping while his sister takes care of business):


Since my dreams of a lazy day evaporated, I spent a lazy afternoon dyeing and painting yarn.

This is some of the yarn for the Heifer Fundraiser (it starts this Thursday — please drop by to read about it or scroll down to the next entry for info).


That’s cheating a bit, isn’t it?  But I think you will love it.  So far, I have two items up, sock yarn and organic merino and I’m doing a mixture of raffles and auctions.  Lots more pretties coming, including this yarn, which is going to be done up in skeins for hat knitting.

And then there was this, painting some yarn.  This is the last colorway for a wholesale order I have enjoyed immensely both because it is for an eco-friendly store and because the owner has a devastatingly good sense of color.


Don’t be deceived by the neat and orderly appearance.  Although this was actually how the table looked when I was done with this particular colorway, generally, there are little pots of dye and brushes everywhere, and often a cat (or two) with a brightly colored tail.

Having survived the holiday, I am really looking forward to tomorrow!  I’m taking a class at my Local Yarn Shop with Nora of Noni Bags — she is teaching a class in finishing.  I have knit this:


I’m going to pop it in the washer at the crack of dawn tomorrow, before my 7:00 a.m. meeting, and then dash off to the class at 10:30.  I am hoping I won’t be too much of a challenge for her teaching skills  — I’ve got the two ended zipper and a couple of different potential fabric choices for lining,  but the most I ever seem to manage are a couple of magnetic snaps, so this should be interesting!

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  1. I hope Ellie and her braids are safe now. Glad you had the day off. The colors are beautiful. I look forward to seeing how the purse turns out.

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