Art & Soul Virginia 2008

I’m going to be teaching at the Art & Soul retreat in Virginia in 2008.  I’m very excited!

I’m teaching one class, on Saturday, on fabric portrait collage.  Sort of like this.


We’ll spend most of the morning dyeing cotton and silk fabric using a low immersion method that gives fabric a pretty crackle dye look.


I also like to do a lot of surface design on the fabric, much like I would on paper with layers for the background of a collage, before I get around to using the fabric.  So we’ll be doing a lot of that as well.

Having never done anything like this before, I’m not sure if I should be  worried that no one will sign up for my class (info here) or that too many people will sign up, so I think I’ll skip the worrying part and just get down to enjoying the fact that I get to teach something I love doing to a group of  interesting, fun people.  And, If there is anything I have learned from lecturing about that law it is that people really love teachers who bring along snacks.  Thankfully, the room Kathy Wasilewski (check out her classes here and here) and I are sharing has a small kitchenette, so I’ll make muffins or banana bread, and make sure we all have lots of art and good stuff to eat.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and making new ones like I did last year.  Even though May of 2008 seems far away right now, I know it’s going to get here quickly, and I can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “Art & Soul Virginia 2008

  1. One more thing, where did you find the widget on your sidebar that allows you to track your “works in progress”? I need one to hold myself accountable to the dozen or so projects I’ve started.

  2. Did you say snacks? Well then, I’ll be there. LOL I’m dying (pun intended)to take this class and can’t wait until May.

  3. Aaagh! And I can’t be there (as you know). This is going to be a fun class. Ellie’s portrait is beautiful.

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