A Holiday Gift

I am pretty sure I purchased my favorite present this morning.

It is this:

12/4/2007 6:58:00 AM (PT)                  
Your Heifer International donation has been completed successfully.  Your donation number is: XXXXX502 in support of The Most Important Gift Catalog in The World.                  
generous gift will provide a family with the precious gift of
self-reliance, and we are grateful to you for helping to end hunger and
poverty in a beautiful, practical way.

Email: info@heifer.org  Phone: (800) 422-0474

Contribution Information:

joyce vance
Payment Method: CREDIT

The following summarizes your order:

Name Description Quantity Price Total
Knitting Basket A Gift to Warm the Heart
Knitting Basket: Gift of Knitting Basket
1 $500.00 $500.00

Total: $500.00

I’m pretty excited about it.  My children helped me wind, dye, and name yarn.  My friends and customers bought not only yarn, but tickets for a chance to win yarn.  Other friends donated advertising banners and auction items (there will be one last item, starting this Thursday, with a fantastic compilation of knitter’s supplies, but we were close enough to the $500 goal that I decided to go ahead and do the donation today). Lots of contributions went into this donation.

The knitter’s basket is a contribution of two sheep and two alpaca.  This is how the heifer.org site describes it:

    Your gift of a Knitting
Basket represents two llamas and two sheep —  four animals famous for
their   warm, income-producing wool. From shearing to spinning, weaving
and finally to selling woolen goods   at market, the gift of a Knitting
Basket will help struggling families earn extra income to break free    from the grip of poverty and hopelessness. Over time, as that gift
multiplies and more animals are     passed on to help others in need,
entire communities will be warmed by the precious wool of a Knitting

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who offered their support and was a part of this donation.  I’m honored to be a part of this community.


8 thoughts on “A Holiday Gift

  1. You are such a beautiful person Joyce. I wanted to let you know that you inspired my family and I to donate through Heifer this year. My oldest chose honeybees and my youngest- a dozen chicks.
    Your generosity is not only appreciated, but it’s infectious.

  2. Hi Sweetie.
    Just wanted to say CONGRATS on such an awesome accomplishment. Inspired by your generousity my Purl Girls knitting group is donating a sheep as our Christmas gift. One sheep….but hopefully it will meet up with one of the sheep you’ve gifted and make more! lol.
    Thanks for spreading the knitterly love.

  3. This is an awesome thing you did. I’m happy I played a small part by buying chances at winning the yarn. I’m going to suggest to my family that next year we each give each other the gift of a sheep for a family.

  4. Congratulations!! This is awesome.
    I hate that I kept missing everything. By the time I would remember that it was past the new weeks posting, it was gone!

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