Facing The Music

Honestly.  What was I thinking?  An extra-small?  What delusion led me to believe I was going to stuff my post-fourth baby body into a size extra-small knit?

Aside from the fact that I will never wear it because it is so small my nine year old is only going to get a year or so out of it because it’s a wee bit too tight here and there although I could fit into it if I really wanted to, it’s really pretty and I like it.  All it lacks is the buttons, which I will undoubtedly be putting on for Miss Ellie’s benefit.

Lacking models, I’ve tried laying it out on the floor and hanging it on the door to get pictures, but they don’t really capture this sweater’s charm, so you’ll have to use a little imagination.



Ellie is going to really enjoy this one.  *Sigh*

In less depressing knitting news, due, undoubtedly to the fact that it has no sizing, the knit bowl I worked on earlier this year, but never photographed in its finished state is really one of the wonders of my life.  It’s perfect for holding….yarn.  That’s my Be Sweet stash, to be exact — yarns I’ve been collecting to make Ellie a sweet little skirt from every changing yarns.  She will probably wear it with my the Rowan sweater.  She will probably look adorable and even stylish doing it. *Sigh*


Those of you who are particularly astute will notice that the bowl is in fact sitting on one of the matching pair of bamboo end tables I purchased on sale at Garnet Hill in December.  I explained to the Judge that we really needed something to hold books and kids-stuff, and placed them in opposite corners of the room.  He has yet to figure out that the tops come off and provide…..extra yarn storage.  In the living room no less.  And lots of it.  These tables hold my entire, extensive stash of Cascade 220 for Noni Bag knitting, as well as lots of handpainted yarns.  I smile everytime I walk past them.

6 thoughts on “Facing The Music

  1. You are so sneaky!
    Sorry about the sweater. Having knit two (2!) sweaters since January that are TOO BIG and have to be FROGGED, I feel your pain. At least yours will get some use!

  2. the sweater is so pretty – I wish I could see it in person. If you didn’t have Ellie, I’d ask if I could buy it and give it to Maggie.

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