Perfection in a Sock Yarn

I don’t use the word perfection lightly.  In fact, I don’t particularly believe in perfection.  But for me, at least right now, this is it.


Perfection in a sock yarn! I am really in love with how these colors play together.  So, I apologize for the tackiness of rhapsodizing on and on about my own yarn, but this one is just the right yarn for the way I’m feeling right now.  Although I truly am not permitted to start another project until I finish at least one, I’m trying to decide what to do with this yarn.  Should it be socks?  I have a few skeins and could also do a wrap, but it would have to be something simple to let the colors show through.  What to do?

You know how I knew it really was perfect?  My seventeen year old gave it the ultimate teenage seal of approval.  He asked for naming rights and called it "Nightingale."  Oh my.

And one last thought: if you’re in a Mega-Super-Tuesday state in the United States, go out and VOTE tomorrow.  Vote even if your weather sucks.  The whole point of living in a participatory democracy is to participate.  So get out there and do it!

3 thoughts on “Perfection in a Sock Yarn

  1. Very cool colors!
    Sadly, I live in Michigan (which I otherwise love), where the primary didn’t count.

  2. Oh. My. That Nightingale is really pretty. Are you planning on doing some up for the rest of us?
    I live in NC, where our primary is, sadly, not until May when the real contests are over. Also sad that we seem to have gone republican for the last umpteen years…

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