We Knit

Ellie and I bring you a joint blog entry this morning, because we are both knitting.

Amazingly, she designed her own hair band pattern and knit it up out of Cascade 220.


Isn’t she talented?  I like it so much that I have begged for one for me, and since I can back that up with homemade chocolate pudding, I think I’ll get my way on that request.

I’m working on finishing up a few things — my least part of knitting — so I’m bribing myself by knitting a bit more on the Shibui socks every time I sew a seam.  The first sock is finished and I have cast on the second and completed the ribbing.


Although the first one looked very small as I was knitting the cuff, it turns out that it is a perfect fit.  The colors do pool just a bit, as you can see from the darker patches, but it’s not unattractive and the pink and green makes me think of my younger, perkier days as a college co-ed in the 1980’s when we were all about Papagallo and Lily Pulitzer.  It’s hard to believe I ever ran around in a pink and green elephant print wrap skirt and thought I was the bee’s knees.  These socks are going to be my reminder to laugh at myself.  A lot.

5 thoughts on “We Knit

  1. I love Ellie’s headband! I’m going to have to ask if she will share her pattern!
    Hope y’all have had a good weekend.

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