Disney: Day Two

Kids are so full of surprises.  Who knew that after getting up at  6:00 and going, going, going all day at Animal Kingdom (that included three times on Kali River Rapids — coming out soaking wet each and every time) my little angels would come home around 4, spend a couple of hours in the pool, and want to go back out to Epcot for dinner, which turned into staying for the Illuminations fireworks and light show, before coming home.  We had a wonderful dinner in Japan, after waiting in line for about 40 minutes, yet the kids were still graciously sharing the best parts of their dinner with each other.  Ollie is fearless, and Ellie nearly so, yet she was terrified of the Bugs Life 3D movie at Animal Kingdom.  And sweet Ollie, after seeing Illuminations, kept saying over and over "Dad and Woo and Ted have GOT to see this."  He was still saying it when we got home an hour later!

A few pictures (with apologies to all my art and knitting friends, this is the easiest way to let our family see what’s going on).


We had a blast at Animal Kingdom despite the rain and surprising cold!  It was hard to get pictures there, but lots of fun.


By the time we left, we had totally different clothes, because of how incredibly wet we got riding Kali River Rapids, which was way too short, but incredibly fun.


It was thankfully dry by the time we headed out to Epcot (Daddy, notice Ellie’s new tee, which says "Little Miss Attitude").


Epcot is so pretty!  Lots of flowers and topiary.


Ollie fell in love with "God’s golf ball."


He also sucker-punched me into buying this ridiculously silly hat for him.  But the big hit of the night was a cheap blanket we bought in Mexico, because by the time it got to fireworks, it was pretty near freezing.  The blanket really made out night.  Ollie and Ellie are all snuggled up beneath it (with Eyeore).  Our wake up call tomorrow is for 6:15.  We live for Disney Movie at 7:00.  Amazing.

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