Just In Time!

I finished Ollie’s blue vest just in time.  Just in time, because we woke up to snow!  Just a dusting of it, but enough to be thoroughly satisfying.  I never got tired of the snow when I went to school in Maine, and one of the few things I don’t like about Alabama is the lack of snow.  So twice in one winter, even if it’s just a wee bit, is a wonderful thing!


This is the perfect warm winter vest, knit from a double stranded aran weight Debbie Bliss silk/alpaca yarn.  Double stranding was a mistake, as the twist on this yarn is so loose and it is so prone to tangle that there are a number of places where I missed a strand, and it’s really not a pretty vest at all.  But oh so warm and soft!

This is one of those items I started, then put aside, and picked back up months later.  I need to remember that is always a mistake when knitting for children — it’s a little bit shorter than I intended, but Ollie seems to be really happy with it, which is all that matters to me.


3 thoughts on “Just In Time!

  1. what great photos–I’m glad y’all got a little snow! the vest (which looks great to me, btw) looks very warm and cozy for a snow day.

  2. You and I share a love of snow. I was thrilled to get a little this weekend – I wished it had lasted longer. The vest is such a pretty color, and Ollie looks very happy.

  3. Ollie looks happy to see the snow and muggin’ for the camera just a Little. . . 🙂
    Can’t believe you get snow there , much less knit sweaters and things – I think of Alabama as hot and muggy 24/7.

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