A little bit of fooling around…

It's been a long week of work, dodging thunder storms, and getting ready for Art and Soul; so I decided that I was entitled to a little bit of time to fool around in the studio.  Just a little bit.

I've been overdyeing some black and white fabric, and had been eyeing a little floral piece all week.  I decided to stud the centers of some of the flowers with pigment for a dab of color, since the fabric was overdyed a soft sage green.  I used a little bit of the silk ribbon I've been dyeing, and decided to just cut loose with no plan and see where I ended up.  This is the result.

I love doing these little pieces.  Next up, I think, is to create some simple felted purses and applique the fabric collage pieces onto them.  I'm thinking some simple rectangular bags, sort of tote style, and how much fun it would be, because then I could have a different bag for each of my knitting projects.

3 thoughts on “A little bit of fooling around…

  1. I love the vintage image against that more graphic background. Just beautiful! These types of collages will look fabulous on a handbag.

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