Countdown Mode

I'm in countdown mode for Art and Soul.  Since I wasn't sure about flying with chemicals, dyes, gas masks, and soldering tools, most of those kind of items are in boxes and winging their way to my roomate, Kathy Wasilewski, who lives nearby in Virginia and will drive them on down (if you're going to Art and Soul and don't have a Monday class scheduled yet, Kathy teaches The Clearly Visible Journal — a very cool class that has a few spots still open). Some of the rest of my class supplies are sorted into little piles all around the house.  I've still got images to print out and wee collages to make for my soldering class on Thursday.

I took a few minutes out to put some of my hand-dyed yarn into mini-skeins for Vendor's Night.


I love this particular fiber, and have dyed it up in several different vintage-looking colorways for artists' use.

I also took some time out and made myself a comfortable skirt with one of those stretchy yoga waistbands to wear for class.  I also did a matching messenger bag.  Unfortunately, the only available photographer was my 15 year old Teddy, who managed to get only one picture with me even in the frame.  This is it:


"Mom" he told me, "I thought you wanted a picture of your top.  Kids with non-verbal learning order don't know what to do unless you tell them exactly."  This cracked me up and made me appreciate how much his school is doing for him.  That's the first time he has ever asserted his "disability" as an excuse, and he grinned while he was doing it.  One of the fringe benefits of having a special kid like Teddy is watching him grow into himself in the most unexpected ways.  Needless to say, we'll be having a photography class this weekend, to insure that he "gets it."  But for now, that's all of the skirt and messenger bag you get to see.

I suppose I should make a list, but I think it would scare me: collect, pack, create.  But I can't wait for Wednesday, when I'll be on the plane to Virginia and I can't wait to see all of my Art Sistahs.

9 thoughts on “Countdown Mode

  1. Hi Art and Blythe Sistah! I am in countdown mode too-you must bring a Blythe so we can do some photos together! I’ve been making my swaps bags-let me know if you want to do a special little Blythe goodie swap there! So glad you will be in the arte du blythe book!

  2. I’m looking forward to our adventure at Art & Soul next week. Your yarn and your skirt look yummy. See you soon.

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