I’m a Day Behind!

I'm a day behind telling you about Art & Soul, but there's a lot
going on here!  So here's a quick catch up from Friday and Stephanie Rubiano's Bedazzling Butterflies class.

It was such a great class that even my workstation looked pretty!


Stephanie was a fabulous and very kind teacher.  Her science-geek background made the class extra fun. The results were all stunningly beautiful.  This is Beth's piece, almost finished.


And here is Andi's.


And finally, mine.


It was a great class and I would definitely take anything Stephanie was teaching in the future!  I'm off to class, but will write about my teaching debut yesterday, in Dyeing to Collage, which was lots of fun, due to a fabulous bunch of students.

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7 thoughts on “I’m a Day Behind!

  1. love seeing these photos! Your artwork is particularly lovely. Saw you left a comment about anne Bagby’s workshop in TN. I am planning to take that one so maybe I will meet you there. best wishes.

  2. Loved the photos – everything in this class was beautiful. And, ladies in the hotel elevator were heard talking about how wonderful your class was.

  3. wow what amazing pieces I have met Stephanie before and she is a wonderful person and can imagine what fun her classes would be!! your piece is simply wonderful!! Hugs Linda

  4. hello, Miss Joyce! it was so nice to meet you and i wanted to thank you again for sharing your image with me. i don’t think my piece would have turned out so wonderful if you hadn’t given me a larger image – so thank you so much! also, i can’t find my handout from Stephanie’s bedazzled butterflies class and i want to order some more of the blades – does the hand out mention the size and a source? thanks!

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