Seeing Red

I'm seeing red today.  One is a good kind.  The other isn't.

The good kind is Joanne's Red Book from the Colors Round Robin.  It's really a series of small canvases, not a book.  Joanne has sent them with holes pre-drilled, so that they can be hung as one large piece when they are complete.  I love the idea and the art is beautiful.

I had so much fun working on my background — layers and layers, that at the end, after working through several collage ideas, I decided to stay with an abstract graphic.   It's very unusual for me and I enjoyed it so much, especially because I got to see Joanne at Art and Soul while I was in the middle of the piece, and came home from our visit with just the right inspiration to finish it. 

Joannes seeing red piece

The other kind of seeing red is bad.  Very bad. I took my Juliet sweater with me to knit on the plane.  I got my set up rows done and started my lace on the way up.  I left the sweater, with the two extra balls of yarn on top of the dresser in our room.

I tend to get sort of messy and disorganized at retreats and I didn't have time to pick up my knitting all week.  By the time I had finished throwing away trash (lots of packaging from the supplies I brought along to teach my class) and packed everything back up Monday night, I realized my yarn was no place to be found (thank heavens Juliet was still sitting there!)

The only thing I can figure out is that I accidentally put my two balls of yarn out with the trash and I'm so made at myself that I'm seeing red.

This leaves me two balls of yarn short for the sweater.  I could just smack myself.  If anyone happens two have two spare balls of gray RYC Soft Tweed that they want to trade or sell, please leave me a comment!  Until I find more yarn for Juliet, I'm going to console myself by working on a Sea Silk scarf in a fan and feather pattern, but honestly, how dumb can a girl be?

3 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the cause of the bad seeing red. Have you unpacked everything? Maybe the yarn is tucked away with something else.

  2. I am so sorry about your yarn! Hopefully, you’ll find some more. I love the red artwork for Joanne. Don’t add a thing!

  3. Oh, Joyce, I’m so sorry! I hope it turns up. I know I put things in places where I think I’ll find them later all the time. Then I can’t recall where I put them!
    If it makes you feel any better, I once threw a brand-new pair of contact lenses in the trash at the eye doctor’s, then got hysterical and DH had to patiently dig through the trash and find them. LOL

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