The Lessons Learned Pocketful Book

 Santa Torres's Pocketful Book is a big old book with pockets for record albums.  You don't see many of these anymore!  It is a beautiful book and it is full of lots of richly detailed art at this point.  I loved the book from the minute I picked it up.  I also knew what I wanted to do immediately.

An important lesson I have learned is encapsulated in the phrase "Speak Truth to Power."  The exact origin of the phrase is claimed by a number of different sources, but that doesn't really matter to me.  It's a difficult but important life lesson and it felt just right for Santa's book.


The inset, which I'm sorry I didn't take a close up of, is a small canvas that sits inside the pocket.

This is the backside of the page.


And, a closeup of the collage on the back.


Thanks Santa, for letting me work in your beautiful book!

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5 thoughts on “The Lessons Learned Pocketful Book

  1. Joyce, such powerful words, imagery and color. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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