A Day For Arches

Sunday is Gothic Arch Challenge day.  I love playing along.  Arches have been my favorite shape to work in, ever since I did my very first one.

This week's prompt is "Spain."  Since I've been in storytelling art mode this week, I did a story.

The secret

I imagined that this couple, once the secret of their romance was out, ran off to Spain and lived happily ever after.  I had intended to do a Frieda theme, but somehow this just happened.  And the funny thing is that it's a photo of my grandparents, who married after a whirlwind courtship.

It has been a week for arches here, so I will show you a few more.  These are all tiny arches, destined for soldering under glass, so I have not finished the edges.


The back of the next one uses some words I stumbled across in a book I had been using for old text.  It says, "And for the first time, it dawned upon her she was an artist."

She was an artist

Joy wonder

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28 thoughts on “A Day For Arches

  1. Each of your arches is wonderful! And I always enjoy seeing the family photos as in your earlier posts – you have some cuties!

  2. Your Spain-themed arch is divine. I absolutely adore it and your ability to tell stories through art. Oh, yeah, I love all the other arches too!

  3. What are the charms destined for? The artist one reminds me of Rachel & I would pay big bucks for it!

  4. You are having the most prolific creative week-end. Your Spanish arch is a delight and the ones destined for soldering are wonderful.

  5. I love your arch and the story to go with it! The small pieces are also lovely. I hope you post them when you’re finished soldering…I’d love to see them.

  6. What a fabulous arch, and I love your story! And the tiny arches are just too wonderful for words! I can imagine how gorgeous they will be soldered! Please post them again when they’re finished and let me know so I can take a peek! I LOVE them!

  7. I absolutely loved the photo in your Spanish arch, and wondered how you had ever come to find such a gem. And to find out it is your very own grandparents: that is incredible and a treasure!!!

  8. love that photo of your grandparents 🙂
    arches, big and little, are perfect. Can’t wait to see the soldered charms all finished.

  9. I love all your arches but particularly the Spanish one. That’s an amazing pic of your grandparents and I love the story yo made up to go along with it.

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