At Least I’ve Got Good Help

The clutter that is my knitting needle collection is a disaster.  Needles everywhere.  But, never where I can find them when I'm looking for a certain size.

I've got Knit Picks option needles, but I hate the dumb case knit picks made for them.  I have both the binder and the little stinky plastic pouch, and in my mind, anyone who can create such great needles should be able to do better when it comes to a case.  I also have a pretty good sized set of Addi Turbos, some straights including my beloved Lantern Moons, and a lot of double pointed needle sets.

Saturday night, I decided to stay up into the wee hours and get it all sorted out and into some neat cases I had purchased for them.

I had good help.


That's Hermione.  She guarded all the needles while I worked.

Here is the disaster.


I decided on a Della Q silk bag for my Addis.  It's the bright pink you can see pictured in the first photo.  For my DPNs, I got a cute little roll up pouch from Katie Fleck (Blue Kitty Designs) on Etsy.  I'm hoping to score a Tip Divinity set for my Option Needles, so for now, they're in a tote bag.  My straight needles are in rubber vases (you can see them in the bag of the picture).  Now I would say I have at least a 50/50 chance of being able to find the needles I need.

I am also loving this yarn bowl from Rising Sun Earthworks, which helps to keep the cats at bay while I'm knitting in the living room.  (This is some of the yarn for Ellie's skirt).  It's a world full of wool around here!

Most of this week, I'm away for work, but I have managed to do a bit of dyeing and have some really pretty Sea Silk 60/40 set to go on sale Thursday at noon.  I also dyed larger batches of 12-ply Lorelei Silk Cashmere and some of the Pixie Superwash Merino, so they are available instock.  I hope you will come by and take a look — there are links from the Hyena Cart store to both the Elliebelly Website and to Elliebelly at Etsy, so if you've having a bit of an early summer knitting funk, there are lots of silk and cotton yarns, and in addition to yarn from sheep and goats, to make you feel happy.

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