Concrete Angels & Silk

I owe y'all an apology — I don't have a finished picture of the silk/cotton yarn I was painting in my last post.  And that's really a shame because it looks beautiful!  I've been reskeining it all afternoon (by hand — my electric skeiner is here, but i haven't had a chance to set it up yet) and it's simply gorgeous.

I do have a picture of a hank while it was drying.  That will have to be my tease for now.  I promise real pictures later this week, and maybe a swatch, although I haven't decided what to knit with it yet.

That picture simply doesn't begin to capture the sheen of this yarn or how pretty the colors look when the yarn is reskeined (usually a better idea of how the knitted fabric will appear).  I've never seen a silk/cotton blend before this, and I'm pretty much wholeheartedly in love.  I can't wait to see how the linen/silk blend dyes up too!

So now I'm hoping that just the right pattern will present itself.  Maybe some kind of summer shrug or wrap.  I thought I might swatch to see if I can get the gauge for the pretty Blue Sky Alpaca cardigan pattern that I've always wanted to make but never actually done.  Suggestions welcome!

I've also been working in two round robin books.  This is the concrete angels book from the pocketful round robin.

Concrete angels pocketful

I've got the little collage sitting on top of the pocket in the scan, but it actually slips down, and you can see a bit of the pocket behind, where I used watercolor to stamp a floral design into the pocket.  The words at the bottom that you can't quite make out are the definition of baggage, and I underlined the secondary meaning, " a pert, willful young woman."  Hmmm……

Tuesday I'm off for Los Angeles, so there's not a lot going on around here other than preparing and packing.  I'm hoping to get in a little bit of night knitting with one of the knitting groups out there, if my meetings don't run too late at night.  Ellie's Be Sweet skirt is about two-thirds done (yes, I owe y'all a picture of it too), so I'm hoping to finish it on this trip.

2 thoughts on “Concrete Angels & Silk

  1. Gorgeous color! Your Angel piece is beautiful and soulful.
    Hey, have you contacted Connie Williams before heading to L.A.? You know she’s out there on a job shooting a film… or t.v. series or something. Anyway, e-mail her before you go so maybe you guys can meet while you are out there! She’s a gem!

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