Family Time

I got to spend a wonderful evening last night with my cousins —
this is my Mom’s sister’s family, and we’re far closer than most
cousins, despite the fact that I’ve spent more than half of my life away from home now.  Since I grew up as an only child, my cousins kindly made a pact
with me decades ago that we would all be aunts and uncles to each others
children, which is a really special thing for me, as I get  nieces
and a nephew out of this deal.

One of the funniest things about my family is that everyone knits.  And I do mean everyone.

is my Aunt.  She knits the amazing Christmas
stockings everyone in our family has.  Last night, she was working on a wide rib scarf in a perfect shade of pink.


And this is my Uncle Dick, who is currently working on a white
zippered cardigan, but is resting on the coverlet he knit for his bed.


Everyone knit squares for his project and he knit most of them and then put everything together  with I-cord edging.


I think the detail he likes the most is the gusset pieces he knit into the corners to give it the blanket a shaped fit over the end of the bed.


I would absolutely love to knit this for our bed — it’s hard to explain, but when you look at it, it gives you the happiest feeling.  It’s so free and spontaneous, but at the same time the clever “engineering” makes it a very intellectual piece of knitting.

This is my cousin Ann (the sadly blogless Ann).  She is the best knitter I know.


I think this tank may be the single most beautiful piece of knitting ever.  Ann is one of those inspirational knitters because she makes it seem so effortless.  She also brought a purse to show me that she was knitting for her sister-in-law — her own pattern out of noro yarn, and also an afghan and two infinitely beautiful sweaters she had done for her husband.  If Ann ever decided to write patterns, I think she would be an overnight sensation.  She has also done huge bathmats.  They’re awesome and I think that’s going to be my next project.

Ann is also doing a mystery shawl KAL, and although the lace doesn’t show up well in my picture, it is very very cool in person.


This is my cousin Gail, knitting a sock for one of  her daughters.


Knitters of the world, take heart.  She is raising a brave new generation of knitters, including her eleven year old son who knit with us last night, when he wasn’t playing the electric guitar.

I hate living away from my family, but I love them and feel incredibly lucky to have them!

I finished Ollie’s first bamboo sock yesterday. 


One of the first things we did when I got home was that he tried it on, and pronounced it “very perfect.”  I’m off now to work on the second one!

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  1. Obviously, your family bonds are well knit. It was fun meeting your family and seeing their projects.

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