A Grandma Visit (and some Robert knitting progress)

Here are some pictures from the last morning of our Grandma visit.  Here are the girls, snuggled up on the couch, reading.


It’s nice to have a grandma!

And here are pictures of Ollie, adding a little bit less quiet to the mix.


Finally, long awaited progress pictures of Robert’s knitted purse.  He picks it up, every night around Daily Show/Colbert time and knits a few rows.  He says it will be finished by the time school starts.  I think he looks really good knitting in pink!



3 thoughts on “A Grandma Visit (and some Robert knitting progress)

  1. I’m just catching up on blog reading. Love your charms and don’t think they’re just for knitters. I assume your salad turned out well, the extra soldering certainly did. And, I love the family photos. I look forward to seeing Woo’s completed purse posted later this summer.

  2. He looks like a smart guy. People seem to have forgotten that knitting started out with shephards and was a male activity — seen as too difficult for women — for many years. Hopefully in his generation, people will be able to knit without any kind of gender/sexual orientation stereotypes.

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