A Rainy Kind of Sunday (Cats, Art & Yarn)

A word: Hellboy II.  Don’t be deceived if you, like me, have teenage children who tell you it’s going to be a wonderful movie.  It wasn’t.  Thank good for mindless movie knitting that can be accomplished in the dark!

Hellboy aside, it’s been a great day around here.  I’m continuing to slowly, ever so slowly, clean up my studio.  The problem is, I clean some stuff up and then I go make something and it’s worse than ever.  Since I don’t have, and am unlikely to get, a solid week to clean and organize, I’m just trying to make the best of it and do a little bit every weekend.

I’ve made enough progress that Ollie has reclaimed floor space for painting.


Isn’t it cool?  It’s a wooden attache, and he has proudly told everyone it’s his “first altered suitcase.”  Hmmm…maybe someone spends a little bit too much time with Mama?

I’ve managed to clean off some counter space and make a little soldering station — albeit a highly cluttered one.  (If I had cahones, I would force myself to cut the number of stamp pads I keep in half, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do that yet.)


And, I finally cleaned off my desk.  I decided to keep my computer in the kitchen and make this the yarn winding station, as the “footprint” of the new electric skein winder is bigger than I anticipated and too much trouble in the Yarn Heaven Room dining room.


One of my long-time on line friends, Marcey (if you have children, you really need to visit her website — she makes the coolest wings and dress up clothes around), was asking for kitty cat pictures.  The sad truth is that Harry and Hermione have been such slugs in the summer heat that all I can offer are photos of them snoozing.

Harry, for instance, believes no suitcase is ready for travel until it has a nice veneer of cat hair on the outside.


They have difficult lives, as they nap in between dividing and conquering the humans, cunningly convincing each of us as we come downstairs in the morning that no one has fed them yet.

I’ve also spent some time this weekend, working out a colorway for a knitter who has visions of Knitty’s Tempest sweater in the colors of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.  Isn’t that a wonderful indulgence?  She sent me an incredible picture and we’ve discussed the correct shade of purple (grayed) and whether we want one or two blues (two), and finally, whether we wanted a bit of white for some punch (yes).  I’m really please with the result and the only problem I’m having is that now Susan has me wanting to knit this sweater!


Instead, I’m going to be good and finish Ollie’s Bamboo socks — I need to rip out the foot of the first one, as it’s too long, and finish it along with the second, which is almost done.  I also want to knit an IPhone cozy this week, so I think I will dye myself some of Susan’s yarn and console myself for not diving right into Tempest.  But, I’m definitely putting it on the list of sweaters to knit after I do Rowan’s Tess!

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