Everything Was Beautiful….


Is anyone else old enough to have seen A Chorus Line on Broadway?  Do you remember that line?  "Everything was beautiful at the Ballet."

It was true at our house today.  This is Ellie, opening the card that let her know the results of the Alabama Ballet's Nutcracker auditions.  Ellie is dancing the role of Marie — Balanchine's Clara.  Alabama Ballet is one of six companies in the country authorized to perform his choreography.  It is a beautiful ballet.


Congratulations Sweetheart!

And just think of the rehearsal knitting time.  Oh my.  The knitting time.

13 thoughts on “Everything Was Beautiful….

  1. Sounds like legwarmers are the order of the day! Check out the Dancers Book of Ballet Crafts. Its on the new release shelf at my library. Too bad I don’t have a tiny dancer in my hand.

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