Knitting & Dyeing

September is a big birthday month in our family, so it's been a flurry of cakes and presents, not leaving much time for other pursuits.  I've also got a lot going on at work, so I decided to put Juliet aside in favor of some easier knitting.

First off, I finished up the lace panel for the Presto Chango baby sweater, which now just needs finishing.


After that, I returned to my Manos Silk Shrug, which I put aside after we got back from vacation.  The back is now finished, and I'm about halfway up the left front, which is so far, an easy and relaxing knit.  I'm sure disaster will strike at some point, but for now, all is well.


It was the beauty of the colorway that made me have to knit with this yarn, and it continues to be infinitely pleasing.


My own dyeing lately has been rainbow-inspired.  This is Crayon.


And this is Tuer Ceatha.


I'm looking forward to knitting with them both this fall — which means I'll have to start haunting Ravelry for the perfect patterns!

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