Colleges & A Knitted Square

There was a moment during the Williams College information session where I thought the teenage boy just wasn’t going to make it. It was when they mentioned that knitting was offered as an intercession class.

Knitting is everywhere in the Northeast. Handknit hats, scarves, I even saw a great dress in Harvard yard today. And ravelry knitters too-introducing themselves by their screenames and giggling.

That’s a lot for any 18 year old boy to cope with – even one who can knit. But I’m pleased to say he came through. He has acknowledged the importance of wearing a hat up here and likes all of the schools.

I’m looking forward to having him up here. Of course I would never impose by coming to visit, but I am going to have to return frequently to Metaphor Yarn in Shelburne Falls (my purchases of local yarns there will have to be an entire post after I get home and can photograph it all). Nice people those knitters at Metaphor!

Today’s picture is a completed but not blocked first square for my barn raiser quilt. A fun knit. I can’t wait to pick the next yarn. I’m thinking about doing it all in handpainted yarn. Colleges & A Knitted Square

2 thoughts on “Colleges & A Knitted Square

  1. so much fun to follow along on your trip, and I’m so glad it’s going well! hi to robert and ted! I’m laughing thinking that they were ‘the big boys’ when they were younger and now they are actually truly big grown up guys.

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