Copper Patina

If you've been reading my blog for much time at all, you know that one of my obsessions is replicating the rich colors of aged patinas in my yarns.  I love weathered woods and old bits of metal that have take on the patina of time.  My favorite of all is copper, as it takes on a patina with age.  One of my original colorways was based on an old copper mailbox.

Recently, I've been doing the Copper Patina colorway again.  I decided to try it on a new yarn, the seacell/merino blend called Sea Wool, a sock yarn.  The result made me very happy.


I've kept most of it for myself, but have added a few skeins at Etsy, a few on Elliebelly, and the last two will be available here on Thursday at noon.


2 thoughts on “Copper Patina

  1. I love this colorway. I hope you do it again. I would buy some now but I am THIS close to ordering a set of knit picks harmony options. I have been thinking and saving for almost six months and I will have enough this friday. happy dance.

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