Getting Ready for Christmas

When you have four children, and lots of wonderful teachers, finding Christmas presents can be something of an ordeal, especially when you wait for the last minute.  This year, I decided to try and make them all.  To get an early headstart, I've been doing some collaging while waiting at ballet rehearsals  I decided to do little mini-Christmas themed collages and solder the edges to make ornaments.

The collages have been lots of fun.  The soldering was interesting.  I hadn't soldered in months when I did the first two a couple of weeks ago.  This is the front and back of the first one.


And then, this one.


Fortunately, after soldering about a dozen more, it seemed like the solder was less lumpy and I was back in the groove.  I ended up with a nice little stack of vintage santa ornaments.


Even the bad cats liked them.


It's still too way early, but I'm in the mood for the holidays now.


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Christmas

  1. I love these pieces – fun and very Christmasy. I don't care for soldering, but I love things that are soldered, so I should think about getting out my soldering things.


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