Dyeing: Guppy Creek

Some of y'all may remember my post this summer about our family walks along Guppy Creek, one of the children's favorite places.  I had meant to dye a summer Guppy Creek colorway, but I got sidetracked, so it wasn't until after an early fall visit that I finally did it. 


It was one of those colorways that made you instantly happy, and I did a batch on both Blue Faced Leicester (above) and Organic Merino (below).  One of the elements of dyeing I always enjoy is the subtle differences a colorway will have on different fibers.


I liked it so much that I dyed it on Seasilk (a blend of silk and a fiber spun from seaweed that is called Seacell).


Guppy Creek apparently has struck the same chord in y'all that it has for me.  The only problem I've had with it is that I can't keep it in stock.  It sold out so quickly that I don't have any left for myself.  I'm in desperate need of some of the Seasilk for a project I have planned and two good friends have emailed begging for some on Blue Faced Leicester. 

I decided that the only thing to do was to spend some time this morning dyeing some more.  I've got several vats of it going, on both Blue Faced Leicester and on a DK weight Sea Silk.  I'll have some more in the store later this week.  In the meantime, if you just can't wait, send me an email to joyce at elliebelly dot com and I'll be happy to reserve some for you.  Everyone needs a little bit of Guppy Creek when the weather turns cold and pretty fall days are just a memory!

3 thoughts on “Dyeing: Guppy Creek

  1. I would love to see the process, myself. You should do a little class or something. I recently attended a “teach a friend to brew” party by a local homebrewer. Maybe you can do something like that?

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