An Unusual Dinner

We have post-grandma holiday visit syndrome in our house.

Grandma bakes with children — one kind of funky new cookie each day for the first three days she was here.  Meatloaf.  A meatloaf so good the kids ate thirds.  No one cooks quite like Grandma.  And no one is as good at letting kids do things Mom is usually in too much of a hurry to slow down and let them do.


So this afternoon, we slowed down.  Ellie wanted to bake.  Cake is something of a no-no in our household because our littlest one is allergic to wheat, but I told her we would make one.  I pulled out one of my favorite baking cookbooks, Butter, Sugar, Flour and Eggs.  A recipe I had never noticed before jumped out at me:  Vanilla Souffles with Chocolate Sauce.  We had all the ingredients (thank you for those wonderful bars of chocolate, Ann!)

Aren't they pretty?

The Judge helped Ellie pour the chocolate sauce on.


And, here's the best part.  We ate them for dinner.


Yum.  Official New Years Diet starts, um, tomorrow.  Or maybe Monday.  I'm off to see what other recipes I haven't noticed before.

3 thoughts on “An Unusual Dinner

  1. beautiful! Boy that looks so good! What a great dinner! LOL! Sometimes I give my boys stuff like this for breakfast… cake, cookies, etc. You should see their eyes pop when I ask if that’s what they’d like for breakfast! hehehe! It doesn’t happen often, and never if they ask. I just surprise them sometimes. Heck, they won’t die.

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