Ellie Gets Her Gauntlets!

Ellie has been begging for gauntlets forever.  Knitted ones.  Purple.

She has a definite vision, this child, in all things.  The gauntlets are supposed to be elbow length and full of frou-frou details like eyelets with hand-dyed silk ribbon drawn through them.

After worrying that I wasn't up to the challenge, both pattern writing and detail-wise, I finally decided to start in last night.  I've been collecting yarn for just this purpose for some time now.


The yarn is Plymouth's Royal Llama, a yarn spun from 60% fine llama and 40% silk.  I have a pale lilac Malabrigo Silk/Merino blend to use for most of the arm and am still toying with the idea of dyeing a varigated yarn to use along with it.


I cast on on the "hand end," using a simple 2×2 rib to insure it is stretchy enough to stay tight on her little hands.  The thumb-hole is a 3 stitch cast off, which is cast on again in the following row.  It's a tiny bit tight on me, so I think it should be just right on her.  I'm looking forward to creating these as I knit, since I'm generally fairly rigid about working off of a pattern.

3 thoughts on “Ellie Gets Her Gauntlets!

  1. These sound like fun! I hope you’ll share the pattern when you’re done. I could use some gauntlets, now that I think of it. 🙂

  2. I just did a pair of gauntlets for Erin. Turquoise tweed with a braided cable to just below the elbows. I’ll have to take some pictures of them and post them on flickr. Erin would love the gauntlets you make for Ellie.

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