Yarn: Interior Decoration or Cat Toy?

I have this metal "tree" — it came from Smith and Hawken and it is for hanging holiday ornaments on.  I like it a lot and didn't want to put it up when the holidays came to a close.

So, I made little balls of yarn from scrap and hung the yarn in place of ornaments.  And left it out.  On the yarn storage unit sideboard in my dining room.  I really liked it.  It was unusual….distinctively mine.

But Harry liked it too.  So much for interior design.  It is now a very elegant cat toy.


He has a very decadent life style, as you can see.


So much for my decorating.


[For those of you with good eyes, you can see yarn bits of Geranium, Marble Angel, and my first, unnamed Paintbrush colorway]

5 thoughts on “Yarn: Interior Decoration or Cat Toy?

  1. Hey, the cat became part of the interior decoration. Kidding aside, replacing the ornaments with balls of yarn is very creative and looks great. Unfortunately, the cat did notice it too. It won’t last long I suppose.
    Looking for interior decoration involving hip furniture like those from siekaup, it’s my next project.

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