Baby Surprise Jacket “Progress”

This is one of those moments when I have to wonder what the **&&%& I was thinking.

A sweater, albeit a baby sweater, knit from sock yarn on size four needles.  Admittedly, it's not as bad as the afghan I'm knitting from sock yarn on size 2 needles in hopes it will be done in time for Ellie, who is 10, to take to college with her.  But it's slow.  Very slow.

Four days into it, and I've knit 20 rows.  And this is the decrease section.  So it's only going to get slower.

It is, however, endlessly fascinating and pretty.


This is a brand new colorway, Rebecca's Kitchen, so I'm knitting with it for the first time.  It's hard to see in the nighttime indoors pictures, but the colors are soft and pretty, with no unpleasant pooling.


You get a good idea of how soft the colors are, looking at them in a ball.


I'm hoping for lots of knitting time — maybe another southern snowstorm, so I'll have time to make some progress on this one.  I'm starting to feel like the more I knit, the less progress I make.  Maybe I'm on Lost and I'm jumping backwards in time?

Seriously, all whining aside, I am just amazed by the beauty of the math that makes this pattern work.  Elizabeth Zimmerman is one of those women who could have moved mountains or solved mathematical uncertainties with her genius.  But personally, I am enormously grateful that she has left us a legacy of incredible knitting patterns.  I think the reason I'm so impatient is that I can't wait to get to the point where an amorphous, awkwardly shaped piece of knitting is converted into a beautiful baby sweater by folding it in the right places and stitching down a couple of seams.

3 thoughts on “Baby Surprise Jacket “Progress”

  1. What a beautiful colorway!
    I really need to pick up Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book…I don’t know what’s kept me from doing so, its cherished by so many folks…

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