Crayon Themed Yarn


I'm getting ready to do a Crayon colorway themed stocking, next Thursday, and wanted to share a few photos of the yarn with you.


Sistine Chapel


Pack of Crayons


Melted Crayon


Siobahn's Crayons.

I feel like I need a 12 step program for people who can't stop dyeing yarn.  It is so amazing to watch the colors develop on the yarn and work together.  It really is tremendously fun to get to dye yarn for y'all and I appreciate the opportunity!

6 thoughts on “Crayon Themed Yarn

  1. No 12 step program needed. Just keep dyeing yarn, we’ll keep buying it. 😉
    I love Sistine Chapel. I’ll be stalking that one for sure.

  2. what? 12 step program??! Dont you know we are all addicts? we are the ones who need the 12 step program! lol!!

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