The Last Elliebelly Yarn

I'm finishing up the last bits of Elliebelly yarn today, and feeling both sad to be having an ending and excited about the future.

The last bit of yarn I'm dyeing is for my friend Allison.  Allison made the most amazing baby clothes for all of my children and is the best seamstress I know.  She sent me pictures of the furniture she had upholstered for her living room, and asked for yarn the played with the same colors.  It has been painted and is in a final steam bath now.


I'm also sending out the last of my custom orders in the morning.  This is some worsted weight superwash merino, done in Paintbrush Colorways that make me think of stained glass.


And also some Seasilk, my favorite yarn, painted in my favorite colorway, Melted Crayon.


There is also a bit of Alpaca in Marble Angel and Crayon.


Although these are the last Elliebelly yarn pictures you will see for quite a few years, I hope you will still stick around for knitting and art.  I have plans to finally dye some yarn for my own stash, and will likely talk about different dyeing processes too.

I'm off to sit at the pool while my kids swim and start some summer knitting.  Although I have a number of projects that need finishing, I feel in love with a summer sweater pattern, Mia (and also here for Ravelry members), that Jamie at my Local Yarn Store, In The Making, wrote.  It's a charming pattern that double strands Koigu Sock with Sport weight linen, and I haven't yet decided whether I will stick to stash or do some dyeing, but I'm so excited about starting this pattern, that I suspect I'll be picking some yarn I have on hand.  Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “The Last Elliebelly Yarn

  1. The yarn looks awesome Joyce! Love the Crayon colorway and also the green Paintbrush colorway… just gorgeous! I really like the Mia pattern; I’ll enjoy watching you knit this one!

  2. Such pretty yarn! I especially love the seasilk and superwash. I can’t wait to see your Mia when it’s finished. I am curious to see how it looks from the front…I love it from the back.

  3. Oh my…some of that Melted Crayon is coming my way! And that Pixie sw is gorgeous. So sad this past Thursday not to see you on the HC calendar, but I look forward to seeing your knits & art! (And FWIW, I think you need that sweater in Sistine Chapel! Just sayin… ;P)

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