Knitting For Babies

Today: A little bit of knitting for two special babies.

First, a pair of Angora baby booties.  Honestly, white and Angora — yarn doesn't get much better than this.  The booties are soft and furry — totally impractical for summer in Alabama, but at the same time irresistible.  Hopefully the baby these are for will have slow growing feet and be able to wear them on into cooler weather.



Second, the Baby Surprise Jacket.  I've been through three different sets of buttons on this sweater, and nothing was making me feel any love.  I finally picked up five, almost matching, vintage Mother of Pearl buttons from the jar of old buttons on my collage table, and they seem just perfect.  I'm always happy when a baby sweater is finished more than 15 minutes before the baby shower starts.  With three days to go, I'm patting myself on the back for this one.


Close up so you can see a better depiction of the colorway, Rebecca's Kitchen.


And finally, sweet little Mother of Pearl buttons — just right for a baby sweater.


I've finished knitting Ellie's Manos Shrug, so hopefully I'll find time to block it and finish it later this week or early next week.  The colors are stunning, but I have the funniest feeling that it's going to be huge — or at least parts of it are.  I'm crossing my fingers and trusting the pattern, at least until I have no other options.  Pictures forthcoming.

5 thoughts on “Knitting For Babies

  1. The BSJ is just beautiful!! Those buttons are perfect!! I love those little booties!! 🙂 What pattern did you use for the booties??

  2. Beautiful baby jacket! And congratulations on finding the perfect buttons. Seems as though finding buttons for these jackets is a recurring challenge for knitters.

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